SPECIAL OFFERS Throughout the month of May,
On the whole SOLAR OF COLLISTAR line: an extra 10% off the already discounted price of 20% compared to that list.
On enamel lines L'OREAL and GARNIER

For any information, contact us!
tel. +39 0543/742581

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Wellness Ducha
Collistar -
Wellness Ducha

€ 15,20 €19.00

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Salt Scrub 350g
Pupa -
Salt Scrub 350g

€ 13,60 €17.00

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SPA Scrub
Collistar -
SPA Scrub

€ 38,30 €47.90

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Relax Foot ScrubProdotto esaurito!
Collistar -
Relax Foot Scrub

€ 12,00 €15.00

Exfoliante corporal de baño y ducha, diaria o usar un par de veces a la semana, se renueva la piel y elimina las células muertas